Alexis M.

Owner & Web Designer


Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – she knew at a young age she craved more. Launching herself across the country and ending up in Phoenix, Arizona she spent the next 10 years mastering her craft in hospitality – working in a number of establishments, implementing growth and marketing campaigns from a very early age. After some time in the hospitality industry, she decided it was time for a new challenge so she took her client retention and marketing knowledge, then began a very successful career in Real Estate. The next decade was spent traveling to multiple countries, becoming a certified skydiver & coach, along with earning her scuba divemaster certification. By embracing change, saying yes to new opportunities and continually pushing herself to new levels of awareness Alex has developed a keen eye for knowing how to connect to people in a sincere yet powerful way. She brings this professional humility to her clients in a bright, optimistic and energetic light.


Premier Pro